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What Not To Do As A Massage Client

Note - This list was summarized from results of a nationwide survey asking MT's their biggest professional pet peeves. Although most of our clients are awesome, we do experience some of these issues from time to time. We feel a look behind the scenes in our day can be educational to the public.

  1. Unless it's an emergency, pls. don't cancel your appointment at the last minute.
  2. Don't cancel your appointment at the last minute, reschedule for another day, and then not show up to that appointment either.
  3. Don't write false, mean, or negative reviews online because you don't get your way. There were good reasons why not. The customer is not always right.
  4. We don't have shower facilities, please take care of hygienic issues before your Appt.
  5. When you call late in the day, we won't always have an opening, please understand we are human.
  6. No talking on cell phone during your Appt.
  7. We are Professional Massage Therapists or LMT's not a MASSEUSE.
  8. There is no need to refresh perfume before Appt.
  9. If you complain of neck/shoulder pain we are going to get lotion near your hairline.
  10. Don't come in sick, reschedule when you're better.
  11. Don't think more pressure is the only way to solve the problem.There are many effective modalities.

What Your Therapist Wants You To Know

(based off an article by Taylor Oomen Elephant Online 2/26/15)

Here are 10 things your LMT wants you to know:

1.That’s probably normal.

Is this normal? My ____ does this. My ______ has that. As educated health care professionals, we do our best to answer your questions within our scope of practice, and if you are really concerned, go to see your Doctor (we will probably refer you if we are concerned, too). But, more than likely, it’s normal.

2.It really doesn't matter that you haven’t shaved.

Seriously. We truthfully don’t even notice, up until you mention it. It has no effect on our treatment, if it does, that’s what the oil and lotion is for. 

3. Do your stretches.

And your exercises, and your hydrotherapy, and your home care, and…Although it would be fun to follow you around, give you treatment, and remind you of your therapeutic exercises all day long, we can’t. Our time together is very short, minutes a day, a week, a month, or even longer.

The homework MTs are giving you, is designed along with your treatment plan to help you resolve your pain and dysfunction. Your health is in your hands on your time away from us. If you want to get better, you need to do your homework.

4.Your body is beautiful, too.

MTs treat hundreds of patients. That means seeing, and touching, their naked bodies. Guess what? They are all different. Out of all of them, not even one looks like what you see, airbrushed in the media. Male or female. A few have come close, but no cigar.

It breaks our hearts a little bit when we see those patients insecure about their bodies, because of the pressure of the media. It’s not often the media shows the stretch marks, scars, deformities, muscles, moles, dry skin or cellulite that we so often see on…everyone. Those images aren't what we see on a daily basis.

There is only one condition your body should be in, male or female, young or old: healthy. And that looks a little different for everyone.

Your MT is here as a vessel for health. We are not here to judge. And we want to tell you: Your body is beautiful, just how it is, as long as you are on your journey to health.

But, please, don’t undrape yourself.

As MTs we are legally required to follow draping protocols to protect you and ourselves. We only undrape the area being treated at that time, then redrape fully, before undraping any other areas. Please keep yourself covered. And no, we are not interested in seeing your bits, we are professional healthcare workers. 

5. Don’t call us “masseuses.”

We are Registered/Licensed Massage Therapists with years of training, education, certification, experience, and legal responsibilities. MT’s provide well thought out, research based treatment plans to assist our patients return-to or maintenance of - health. Please call us by our American hard earned titles. 

6. Bodily functions are normal.

Most massage therapy treatments have some component of relaxation. Your parasympathetic nervous system starts to shine, meaning the rest-and-digest functions are in gear. And yes, that means stomach grumbling and growling, snoring, even passing gas are normal. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, that’s a good sign you are relaxed. As healthcare professionals, it doesn't faze us. We don’t judge you, we’re here to help you.

7. We care.

Yes, we actually care if you do your home care. Yes, it really matters what you tell us and how you are feeling. And yes, even though we shouldn't, we worry about you when you’re struggling. Your success is our success.

We hope we can make it better, that’s the goal, that’s why we do what we do. That’s also why MTs refer you to other practitioners, because we truly think they could help and their tools could be of use to your recovery. Because your recovery is our priority and you matter to us. And most importantly, because we really care about you and your health.

We are genuinely grateful when you consider trusting us with your health, and we consider it a privilege to share that time with you!