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Spa Therapy Menu

Services offered by our Therapists include radiant heat massage, body wraps, aromatherapy, therapeutic facial massage and more!

(all treatments are designed and beneficial for Men and Women)

 All our Spa Therapists at Sage Wellness have received advanced training in all our Spa Services as well as specific product training from the company of product origin itself when available. 

 ~ Therapeutic Facial Massage Treatments~

You can add any of these fantastic facial massage treatments to any Massage or Spa services.

All of our facial massage treatments use a unique blend of skin toning natural products and techniques from around the world. Facial massage is an ancient and natural way to lift, firm, and balance the skin. This service is therapeutic & relaxing.

Services can be scheduled alone or added to any service with prior notice. 

~ Deluxe Therapeutic Facial Massage Treatment~

Our Deluxe customized warm facial massage treatment includes products and ancient techniques that calm, cleanse, balance, tone, and moisturize. We custom blend top quality natural anti aging products for your facial massage care treatment. Leaves your face smooth, toned and balanced.

Cost $75.00 Treatment time - approx 50 min


  ~ Herbal Tea Body Wrap~

If you are suffering from stress, adrenal overload, chronic fatigue, or just plain burned out, you need to experience this restorative ancient Indian technique. This therapeutic treatment is given in a well-heated room. Your body is first given a Lymphatic Brush Treatment and treated to nourishing and detoxifying herbal packs. 

These packs are used along the Sen Sib or acupressure zones of the body in a series of motions which are used to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. You are then loosely covered for warmth and allowed to rest as your stress melts away.

You will not believe how restored and rested you feel after this treatment!  

Some of the herbs included in your treatment pack can include Lemongrass, Turmeric, Kaffier, Lime, Camphor, Ginger Root, Rosemary Leaf, Allspice Berry, Eucalyptus Leaf, Clove Stems Flower, Linden Flower, Strawberry Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Lavender Petal, Blue Malva Flower, Comfrey Root Tamarind.

Benefits can include pain reduction and arthritis, rheumatism, and other muscular-skeletal ailments. This natural form of detoxification and relaxation lead to a higher sense of for many people. Lasting benefits can include an increased energy level and a feeling of being rejuvenated.

Cost $100 Treatment time - Allow 75 min.                 


 ~ Sea Escape Body Treatment~

This body treatment, made with Sea Kelp and Natural Sea Botanicals moisturize, reduces water weight of the body, detoxifies, tones and tightens the skin.

Great for boosting the bodies own defenses benefits are obtained from this treatment’s level of vitamins, minerals, protein, iodine and trace elements. The first step of this treatment is a Citrus Body Polish featuring gentle apricot seed powder to exfoliate, safflower seed oil to moisturize and a botanical blend of lavender, geranium, chamomile soapwort to nourish the skin. This cream is pleasantly fragranced with natural lemon, orange, and lime. Your skin will be silky smooth and hydrated. Sea Escape Gel is then applied. This gel has sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath blue-green algae to hydrate and detoxify. The active moisturizer base includes willow bark extract, aloe vera oil, Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, lavender, and a touch of fragrance to lift the spirits. You then rest for 15 min. as you are kept warm and comfortable. Treatment is finished and benefits sealed by a light massage with a warmed hydrating cream and ended with a Sea Mist Toner.

Optional Island Botanical Facial Treatment is included.

Cost $150. Treatment time - approx 75 min


~ Body Contour Wrap~

The M’LIS Body Contour Wrap is an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring that has been helping people lose cellulite and inches since 1979. When the body’s circulation and elimination systems become impaired, toxins and waste materials become trapped in the vulnerable fat cells of the connective tissue.

The M’LIS wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss of a minimum of 4 inches (up to 14 have been experienced while improving general health, nourishing the skin, restoring blood circulation, contouring the soft areas of the body and the cleansing of body tissues for improved health. A series of 4-6 wraps is recommended as part of the anti-cellulite program, with 5 to 10 days between each wrap. If a client is overweight and on a weight loss program, a wrap is suggested for each 5 to 10 pounds lost.

First appt. includes Consultation. (*Note taking Cell-U-Rid Herbal Supplement, available at our office is suggested for maximum inch loss during wrap series.)

Cost is $130 per treatment. Approx 3 Hrs

Packages are available Here - CLICK

A Free M'lis PreConsultation with our Director is recommended before starting any M'lis program. Call and schedule your appt today. 


Far Infrared Therapy 

Our low EMF portable infrared sauna cocoon provides deep penetrating therapeutic heat through the use of far infrared rays.

The FIR-Real sauna cocoon has extremely low EMFs (harmful electromagnetic radiation) which means the Infrared Sauna Cocoon is safe to use.  

* Note - There are many heat settings that can be used for your session depending on your desired outcome. Your therapists will go over your goals upon your arrival and help you choose the right setting for your session. Sweating is not necessary to benefit from an FIR session.

The Right Way to Detox!

The FIR sauna cocoon provides deep penetrating therapeutic heat through the use of far infrared rays. 

  • The FIR-sauna cocoon emits far infrared rays, which are part of the sun’s natural spectrum, just beyond visible red. It warms the body directly instead of heating the air in the enclosure like traditional steam saunas. Steam saunas require temperatures ranging from 175°-200°F (80-95°C) to promote perspiration and some people have difficulty breathing this hot humid air. The lower heat range of 86°F to 140°F for the FIR-Cocoon produces similar results more safely.
  • The softer heat of the FIR-Cocoon also penetrates deeper into the body (2-3 in. or 5-8 cm. deep) and draws out more toxins than a steam sauna. It is more sanitary because it will not spread and cultivate bacteria like a traditional humid sauna.
  • The far infrared cocoon promotes blood circulation.
  • 10 minutes of using the FIR cocoon is equal to 30 minutes of jogging for exhaust sweat. With its satisfying design, your head and hands can extend out for reading, or listening to music.
  • Dry heat is mold and mildew free.
  • Dr. Aundrea Adams of the International Institute of Holistic Healing compared the detoxification findings of FIR and steam saunas. She found that sweat generated using a steam sauna was composed of up to 97% water while sweat released after FIR sauna therapy was composed of only 80-85% water. The remaining 15-20% of sweat was composed of heavy metals, sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid toxins.

The Far Infrared Sauna Technology addresses the root cause of illness by bringing your body to a state of homeostasis. When you apply infrared light to the human body we are charging our cells with their own energy allowing them to more efficiently detox the body, deliver nutrients to areas with limited circulation, and renew, regenerate and restore at the cellular level. 

  • Detox - There is no better way to naturally detoxify your body than through sweating. Our largest detoxification organ of the body often referred to as the body’s third kidney expresses latent toxins residing in the body that our normal processes like our liver and our kidney refuse to metabolize and expel these toxins that are then stored at the subcutaneous layer of fat in our skin.
  • Heart Health - Want to lower your risk of heart attack, lower your bad cholesterol, and lower your blood pressure all while resting in a sauna? Studies have shown that a far infrared sauna session is as effective for cardiovascular conditioning as exercise.
  • Pain Relief - Far Infrared Therapy has been proven to provide relief from sports injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Nerve Damage and a multitude of other pain conditions. Lower heat settings without promoting sweating can be used for pain relief.
  • Improved immunity - infrared cacoon tuned to your body will increase your core temperature to activate the body’s natural immune response to fight disease and infection.
  • Weight Loss - A smaller You? An Active You? A Healthier You? You Deserve to Look and Feel Better! The truth is you do burn up to 700 calories in an FIR session depending on the volume of sweat released. You absolutely lose a tremendous amount of water and you will absolutely gain back that water weight. What you won’t gain back are the calories expended producing the sweat or the toxins released like heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chemicals- PCBs, PBBs HCBs, and others that primarily accumulate in the fat cells and play a part in preventing the body from eliminating fat.
  • Skin - It’s easy to rejuvenate your skin naturally and improve overall health. Thru FIR sessions you will experience improved skin tone softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity firmness. You’ll see a reduction in wrinkles, improve varicose veins, age spots, dark circles, acne, scars, psoriasis, and eczema. Far Infrared also accelerates the healing and recovery process from burns, wounds, lacerations, and skin ulcers.
  • Health Risks - FIR Sessions are well tolerated and pose no risk to healthy people from infancy to old age, including healthy women in their uncomplicated pregnancy. An Infrared sauna bath, with moderate cool-off phases, increases the cardiac about as much as a brisk walk. Cardiovascular patients with essential hypertension, coronary heart disease or past myocardial infarction, who are stable and relatively asymptomatic in their everyday life may also take infrared sauna baths without undue risk. As a rule of thumb, if a person can walk into a sauna session, he or she can walk out of it. Check with your healthcare provider for any concerns you have in usage.